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photograph of a man showing a BMW on snow ready for driving

The Best Youtube Channel To Learn How To Drive Rally Cars

Youtube has everything, don’t you think? You can learn almost anything you imagine on it, even how to drive a rally car.

Yes! I know you love rally, because is fascinating, because it’s more tangible and accesible than Formula 1 and as dangerous and exciting. But rally is hard, is not for the weak or the fearful.

Although, if you practice enough, if you learn the appropiate techniques for every road or situation, you can pretty much become a very good or even pro driver.

That’s exactly the philosophy of Team O’Neil Rally School, which is as it name says, a school that teach you how to drive properly for a rally. 

You can visit the school in New Hampshire, or, if you can’t travel for any reason, you can watch their fabulous Youtube Channel:

Rally Driving Explained video by Team O’Neil

They have everything, from trail braking to pendulum turns, driving on ice, left-foot braking, racing theory and much more. It is one of my favorite channels, and I must admit, I started to left-foot braking thanks to one of their videos.

All the videos of the Team O’Neil Youtube channel

So here it is, lose yourself in the 200+ videos of how to drive like a pro.

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