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Sandy Munro and Elon Musk talking about Tesla cars in the headquarters of SpaceX

The Best Electric Car Reviews Are Engineering Reviews

Yes, I said it, electric car reviews are only worth watching if these are made by serious engineers, not the ones made by Top Gear, or any other content creator, no.


Because an electric car, as simple as it is, it can be badly made or badly designed too. It can be a fiasco, or it can be a premium product that deserves the money invested on it. And only a good engineer with decades of experience in car technology and engineering design, can say what is well done in an electric car and what is missing.

This is the case of Munro Live of Munro & Associates.

Their Youtube channel hosts a group of well thought reviews about the most famous cars of these years: Tesla, Mustang Mach E, VW I.D.4, and others.

They dissect the car, they open it, they talk about the best practices applied to the engineering, they talk about alternatives the engineering team could have made. They understand and explain why one choice was made instead of other.

I’m sure you enjoy watching the electric car reviews in which someone put to test a Taycan vs a Model S, and yes, these are funny, but, when you look at the whole product from the perspective of Sandy Munro, well, you get closer to the design and the engineering of the car, not only the Youtube tests that may or may not be well done.

Munro Live is one of the channels that I immediately watch when a new video is up ,and if you love design and the economics of car engineering you should be watching their videos too.

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