Studying for a better racing

When racing is difficult, due to the pandemic impediments or budget restrictions, a good way to tackle the laziness and fuel the brain with motivation is by studying, one thing that I’ve been doing the last months of confinement.

I have an especial notebook for that, and I navigate through the web to find good sources of information. Sometimes some sources have weak explanations or wrong facts about the science of racing. It is important to compare info between sources and rely on your personal experience to know if one source is reliable.

There are books, very good books, but they’re expensive (sometimes quite expensive) also there are schools, many of them based on England, but if you can’t access to all the knowledge available in books and/or schools then the web is a good place to start.

I know that studying can be difficult, your brain must be prepared for it, and in the best scenario, you have to be hungry for knowledge, and I am hungry for it.
So I study and I take it seriously.

P.D. I made this WebStory with some images of my notes about the basics of setting up a car and vehicle dynamics. I hope you like it.

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