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Photograph of Michael Fassbender with racing suit.

Movie Stars Can Be Succesful Racing Drivers Too

Movie stars can be super humans too… I mean, they can be real good racing drivers, not only ‘gentleman drivers‘ (people with a lot of money that pay for being part of a racing team, especially on the LeMans series) and good actors but real champions on the race track.

Take for example Patrick Dempsey, one of the stars of the endless TV series “Grey’s Anatomy”. He started as a gentleman driver, but apparently he realised that racing was his true calling and became a professional racing driver. Now he is partner with the Proton Racing Team:

The American still inspires fans all over the world, especially in the hospital series “Grey’s Anatomy”. As a racing driver, he fulfilled his very personal Le Mans dream in 2015 with his second place in the GTE-Am class.

Proton Competition.

And, how about Michael Fassbender? Yes “Magneto” from the X-Men franchise, the Lt. Archie Hicox of “Inglorious Basterds”, the cruel Edwin Epps on “12 Years A Slave” or Steve Jobs in the biopic. He’s not only a good actor, he is a very good racing driver and I think, and this may be a little controversial, that the docuseries made by Porsche called “Michael Fassbender: Road To LeMans” are a perfect combination of drama, victory and speed which I think is better, more enjoyable than Drive To Survive’s last season.

Anyway, ‘Michael Fassbender: Road To Le Mans‘ is in general a very good storytelling, and I must say: it is truly inspiring, is totally worth watching all the episodes in a row.

“As a boy, it was very clear to me. I was drawn to cars. Somehow I always felt a close connection to driving and speed.” How does he manage today to reconcile his hobby of racing and his profession of actor? “It’s not easy,” he says...

Michael Fassbender.

“Michael Fassbender: Road To Le Mans” docuseries

I know, they are movie stars, they can afford to do this, but, money does not equal talent, and it is worth recognizing that not only they jump in the car and drive, they win and they are successful, I think that’s admirable.

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