I love Team O’Neil Youtube Channel, they are entertaining and very helpful for those who love driving. Racing is always a good dream to have, but in the real life, driving can be a habit that not always helps you to stay sane, especially, when the place where you live is dangerous or has a bad transit system, or has bad condition roads.

Is always useful to know how to drive on dirt, on snow, on woods and is more important to know that cars are tools, not only objects of pleasure, that can be used to perform multiple tasks if you know how to make them work.

Sure a Tesla Model S can be amazing to use when the autopilot is activated, but, having an old fashioned gas engine powered manual gearbox car is fun too, and is really helpful to know how to drive them properly in critical situations, whether is an emergency or for safety reasons.

So I made this playlist, is full of videos of Team O’Neil, Wyatt Knox is always very clear and all of them are worth watching, enjoy!

My PROdriving playlist from the Team O’Neil Youtube Channel videos.