Cars Spotted On The Street

Photos of cars spotted on the street this week.

The R5

A brown Renault 5 that was dirty. The wheels are not my favorite, but what got my attention was the size of the vehicle, is so small, and it looks like a shoe 👞.

The detail of the door is perfect.

And is worth reminding that this was a rally winner and a true contender for the Audi Quattro.

The Classic VW

This VW Beetle had an issue with the ignition, the mechanic was checking the carburation with the CAN device.

Here in Mexico there are plenty of red Beetles. This was a 94′ model I think.

Aero impovements

This is a cover for a Suzuki motorcycle’s fuel filter, I just liked the cover with the “aero” style.

That’s all for the week!

See ya 👋

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