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Photograph of a Rimac C2 car with the driver door open

Car Design Of The Day: Rimac Automobili

Not a car, but the entire brand.

Rimac Automobili is perhaps one of my favorite car companies, just behind Koenigsegg.

I say this not only because their cars are so promising, but because the company develops their own engineering and sells them to other companies like Koenigsegg.

I think it is important to remark that companies like Koenigsegg, Rimac or Pagani, are businesses with a well defined design and engineering philosophy, something that big brands lack of due to their size and the nature of their corporate structure.

What is most impressive is the knowledge, the technological design and engineering proficiency that Mate Rimac, the founder of the brand and CEO of the company, has. Like many high profile entrepreneurs, he knows with precision how their cars are designed  and manufactured, and it is notorious that people enjoy working with him.

The fact that Rimac makes electric hypercars elevate the status of the brand, because, they know what customers value on electric cars and performance vehicles and combine those desires perfectly on a single product.

So today, I show my respect to Rimac, their cars, their founder and the philosophy that nurtures the design and engineering of their work.

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