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Photo of a Datsun 1972 240Z for auction on

Car design of the day: a “personal” GT car — the datsun 240Z

Gorgeous? Totally.

As said in the June 1970 issue of Car and Driver the Datsun 240z is a “personal” GT car, just look at the style, and the history of customers that enjoyed it to the point it became a classic.

The Datsun 240Z
Datsun 240Z

The responsible for the design was Yoshihiko Matsuo.

Beyond the aesthetics, and the marketing, the design of the car evoques presence of mind.

One day I hope to drive one.

Here is a very good restoration and technology upgrade made by MZR Roadsports. I think it looks even better:

Datsun 240Z restoration by MZR Roadsports – Petrolicious

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