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About FilioRocks

Hello there! is a project where I Felipe RM promote my design works and publish contents about ethnographics, engineering, user experience, industrial design, and economics.

FilioRocks is just a nickname I’ve had since 2004, and I’ve been using it as a brand for a while.

My design work falls into many categories, thus is hard to define it.
I just like to do the things that I feel are necessary to do.

The ‘magazine’ on this website is a weekly publication where I share many things that I find interesting and worth talking about. Some of these contents are articles, some are essays, some others are a product of an intense research.
My goal is to share things that are worth thinking and talking about.

The ‘Design Studio’ section is where I show the progress of my projects and introduce achieved projects.

You can contact me by sending an email. Currently I’m kind of based in Mexico. My answers may take a few hours depending on where in the world you are at.

I hope you find my work interesting, or even better: beautiful and useful.

FilioRocks, are property and creation of Felipe RM.

FilioRocks D.C.C. (Design. Community. Content.)